ESCAPE Freezer-R

Now, what cooler than being cool? Ice cold! This unique upright promotional freezer puts products in the spotlight like never before!

Product description

This promotional freezer allows your frozen products to finally escape from the freezer shelf, and with its small footprint (0.6 m2) you can place it almost anywhere.

The cardboard sleeve ensures optimal brand communication and serves as a billboard on the shop floor.

The ESCAPE Freezer is part of our own ESCAPE Permanent range. ESCAPE Permanent cool and freezer displays are specially designed to last longer on the shop floor.

Because you can replace the cardboard communication sleeve quickly and at low cost, you can use it for several brands in succession.

Technical information

Additional information

Weight 123 kg
Dimensions 58,8 × 58,8 × 179,5 cm

3 Shelves (26 cm x 45,6 cm
1 Bottomplate (32 cm x 46,8 cm)


-18°C/ -21°C






Built in


Cardboard sleeve

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