Promotional display cooler with interchangeable cardboard branding

✅ Small footprint
✅ Perfect voor checkouts and gas stations
✅ High visual impact
✅ Mountable
✅ Adjustable shelves (2)
✅ LED-inner lighting

ESCAPE Nomadic Series

ESCAPE Checkout

High Brand visibility

The cardboard sleeve makes it super easy to communicate your brand's USPs from a great distance.

Small footprint

Due to its small footprint, the ESCAPE Nomadic can be placed almost anywhere without taking up much space.

Transport by car

The ESCAPE Nomadic is demountable. This allows it to be easily transported in the car by a representative.


Assemble the Escape nomadic where you need it

With the easy magnetic click system you can install the ESCAPE Nomadic cooler under 5 minutes at location you desire

Cooling as a service

Get the most out of your purchased chilled displays

At CoolActivators, we take all the logistical worries off your hands so you can concentrate on your campaigns.

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