ESCAPE Cooler - Manual

1. Mounting of ESCAPE Cooler

1. Place the ESCAPE Cooler at the desired location, at least 10 cm from a wall. 

2. Click the rear panel into the rear slot of the cooling unit. When properly fitted, the panel could stand on its own.

3. Slide both side panels firmly into the side slots. Then attach them to the rear panel with the magnetic pins.

4. Attach the roof on top of the rear and side panels.

Secure the side panels by snapping the front panel upwards. Slide the LED’s pins into the electrical contact.

5. Slide the shelves to the desired height. You can push the side panels slightly apart if you encounter resistance.

6. Plug the ESCAPE Cooler into the wall socket. The LED should start to light up and the compressor will light up clearly. 

2. Applying the ESCAPE Sleeve

TIP: Fold the sleeve along all folding lines before application. This simplifies the application.
  1. Apply the sleeve and slide it into the four slots. (1 at the bottom of the cooler, 1 above the cooler and 2 along the inside of the side panels.
  2. Gently fold the rear flaps around the back of the ESCAPE Cooler.
  1. Pull the sleeve tight around the ESCAPE Cooler. Now slide the supplied mounting strips downwards through the groove.

    To prevent damage: 

    Make sure that the sleeve is positioned as tightly as possible around the unit.
    Slide the strips downwards very gently and horizontally.

3. (Re)packaging of the ESCAPE Cooler

The ESCAPE Cooler comes on a specially designed pallet. This palette has elevations to indicate the exact location of the boxes. Two ESCAPE Coolers fit on one pallet. 

  1. Place the two coolers with boxes on top of each other.
  2. The two elongated boxes with rear and side panels fit along the sides of the pallet.
  3. The two boxes with roof and shelves are placed on top of the cooler boxes.
  4. Wrap the units with foil.