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Proteus Smart Cooler in premiere at Euroshop

The Proteus Smart Display is on course to become the new standard for promotional displays in the Benelux. Plus, Jumbo, Albert Heijn, Delhaize, … it is a selection of the large number of retailers that are currently switching, or are in the process of switching, to this new standard.

The Proteus display is also on the rise outside the Benelux. Here too, retailers and brand manufacturers are busy to improve the environmental impact, but also the effectiveness of their promotions at the point of sale. It is therefore likely that they will soon embrace the Proteus Display as a new standard.

But does the story stop here? Of course it doesn’t. Right from the start of the development of the Proteus Display, consideration was given to a cooled version, the Proteus Smart Cooler.

Proteus Smart Cooler

What the Proteus display currently is for ambient products, the Proteus Smart Cooler wants to become for chilled products. The new standard for chilled promotions at the point of sale. The intention is to give brand manufacturers and retailers the opportunity to quickly and effectively get large volumes of chilled products on the shop floor.

The Proteus Smart Cooler combines the current Proteus structure with a cooler at the bottom that will keep the products in the display chilled.

Unveiling at Euroshop 2020

After a long development process together with VLAIO, the launch of the Proteus Smart Cooler is finally in sight. It is expected that this promotional cooler will be launched in Q3 of 2020.

The first unveiling to the general public will take place at the Euroshop 2020 fair in Düsseldorf on the Proteus stand. This is located in hall 3, stand E38.

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