CoolActivators has been active on the Belgian and Dutch markets for two years now. We regularly receive questions from abroad, which we are not always able to answer. And we think that’s a missed opportunity!

Especially in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland we notice that there is a lot of interest in our products and services. In order to break through in this region and be able to help these customers better, CoolActivators is looking for additional capital.

For this purpose, we have joined forces with


Through WinWinner, companies can share their ambitious growth plans with their network in order to have their ambassadors invest through advantageous loans such as the win-win loan. In this way, the company can continue to grow and realize its plans.

Will you help us grow?

Help us to grow internationally and invest in CoolActivators via a win-win loan. More information can be found on our WinWinner campaign page by clicking on this link.