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Why your products should get out of the refrigeration aisle at least once a year

Does the following seem familiar to you?

  1. You’ve already established a good presence at retail and your products have conquered their righteous place in the fridges of the supermarkets.
  2. Your sales are running smooth and they are supported by various efforts of your marketing team. (Ads, Bannering, magazines,)
  3. You have never considered investing in a promotional (temporary) secondary placement for your products, because you think you don’t have the right resources (time & money) or you don’t think the ROI will be high enough.

The fact that you are still reading this, means you are at least curious about why your products should get out of the standard wall cooling from time to time.

In this article we’ll address 4 reasons why you should do this at least once a year.

When introducing new products

Introducing a new innovation or new product is never easy. The first challenge isn’t convincing the end consumers of the WHY and of the benefits of your product. No, it is getting your product listed at retail. How are you, as a brand, going to support this new innovation and why is it worth making room for you in his precious retail space?

By presenting your new products in a cool(ed) secondary placement, your products are sure to be noticed at the point of sale. This way, you can prove (and sometimes even test) the desire for your product. Ensuring the retailer, you are worthy of a place in his refrigeration aisle.

To (re)connect with your audience

Shoppers nowadays are more volatile than ever. Brand loyalty is a thing from the past.

Although this initially sounds bad, it actually offers great opportunities to large and smaller brands alike to convince the consumer and try to connect them with your brand.

To convert this volatile audience, communication is key. What are your unique selling points? What emotion do you want your brand to send out in the world? Marketing departments are spending most of their budget trying to get these messages into the world and hopefully under the attention of their target audience.

But what if you could communicate your messages at a location where EVERYONE is your target audience? NO, it’s not via Facebook, and no it’s not via that add in a specialized food magazine…

It’s at the Point of Sale, where everyone is a potential (new) buyer of your product.

By getting your products out of the wall cooler, you get the opportunity to build a powerful instore presence where you can communicate your brand’s unique USP’s, making sure it is noticed and remembered.

Supporting promotions

Consumers love promotions. They are a proven way to enthuse shoppers to buy and keep buying your product. In point two, we explained that a strong visual presence at the point of sale is one of the best ways to communicate your message to your target audience.

It is therefore very important that this communication stands out. A secondary placement ensures that you can place your products, and communication, where they really stand out; away from the competition.

Gekoelde display voor Danone
To boost sales at peak periods

Are there periods where your sales skyrockets? Many products have a specific time each year where most of their annual turnover is realized. Or at least a few peak periods, where your sales are much higher, filling in the sales gaps of months with considerably lower sales.

Chocolate peaks around Easter and in December. Cold beverages fly out the door in the warmer summer months. Creams do especially well in the strawberry season and around the winter holiday period…

It’s important to take advantage of these periods to go all out! If there is a high demand for your products in your category, you must make sure your brand is the one that stands out the most! Before your competitor does.

These are the moments, where the volatility among shoppers is the highest. And when they are more easily persuaded to make impulse purchases.

So, what’s your peak moment?

ESCAPE Cooler in de vleesafdeling

Getting out of the refrigeration aisle isn’t only a must if you want to keep relevant with your audience. It also offers your brand the opportunity to steadily grow its market share by:

  • Successfully introducing new products
  • Convince volatile shoppers of your USP’s
  • Making the most of your peak sales periods each year

Wondering how we can get your products out of the refrigerated shelf?

Read more about our rental options with ESCAPE Cooler or request a quote for your next project right away. 

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