escape the refrigeration aisle

ESCAPE Cooler is the chilled display for all your activations. Easy to use and designed to generate impact at the point of sale. 

The most flexible promotional cooler for your sales team

Temperature between 0-4°C

Thanks to its guaranteed ESCAPE Cooler is suitable for all refrigerated products.

Magnetic click system

The ESCAPE Cooler is foolproof to set up thanks to its magnetic click system.

Small footprint

Thanks to its small footprint, the ESCAPE Cooler can be placed almost anywhere.

Past in een personenwagen

Geen nood aan bestelwagens. De ESCAPE Cooler past in elke wagen.

Easy to re-brand

Replace the branding of your ESCAPE quickly and inexpensively.

Strong materials

The ESCAPE Cooler is designed for intensive use.

Your chilled activation in three easy steps

Generating extra visibility quickly and easily – that’s the purpose of the ESCAPE Cooler. In 3 easy steps you build a secondary placement that generates immediate impact at the point of sale.

1. Drive to the desired location

Place the ESCAPE Cooler in your car and drive to the desired location. Roll the unit inside to a place with a power outlet.

2. Install the cooler

Click the ESCAPE Cooler together in less than 5 minutes thanks to the easy magnetic-click system. 

3. Apply the communication

Put the communication sleeve around the cooler and start communicating. A new product or a new campaign? Apply a new sleeve and you're done.

Your your brand with ESCAPE Cooler

ESCAPE Cooler met Garden Gourmet branding

Support promotions

Make your promotions stand out by taking your products out of the shelve.
Gekoelde display voor Becel

Introduce new products

Prove the added value of your innovation to the consumer and retailer with a striking presence.

Boost your sales

ESCAPE Cooler is the ideal way to give your sales numbers the necessary uplift.

A chilled display for all your activations

The real strength of the ESCAPE Cooler is that it can be reused very easily and inexpensively. The fixed base ensures optimum presentation with safe temperatures. The cardboard ESCAPE Sleeve ensures powerful communication every time.

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