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Upfield launches its new Becel Pure with cross-merchandising

In early 2019, Upfield, the acquirer of Unilever dairy products, launched a new innovation for Becel. Thanks to our ESCAPE Cooler, they were also able to successfully introduce it within retail. 
The introduction of Becel Pure

With Becel Pure, Upfield is following its new strategy to focus on plant-based, healthier alternatives. In order to make these alternatives known to the general public, massive investments are being made in digital marketing, television spots and bannering.

The translation to the point of sale

To make this innovation a real success, these marketing efforts naturally had to lead to a conversion at the point of sale.

Upfield was looking for a way to make their new product, with its unique USPs, stand out.

It soon became clear that a sticker in the cold store was not enough.

The capture of the bread department

To really make their innovation stand out, they had to take it off the refrigerated shelf. That’s why Upfield called on CoolActivators.

With our ESCAPE Coolers, we placed Becel with a striking presence in the bread department of around 100 Belgian supermarkets.

The Cross-merchanding bonus

Any consumer who now wanted to buy a loaf of bread couldn’t possibly miss Becel’s innovation.

This cross-merchandising gave an extra boost to this introduction. As a result, Becel Pure has become an established value within Belgian retail.

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