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Imperial Meat Products is a renowned food company known for its high-quality meat and vegetarian products. We were more than enthusiastic when they asked for our help with the introduction of 2 new Aoste-products.

Introduction in Belgian supermarkets

Imperial was looking for a way to support the introduction of the Aoste Chicken Snacks and Aoste le Végétarien at the Belgian supermarkets. Using our ESCAPE Coolers in a long-term rental formula proved to be the perfect solution.

Two striking brandings as an eye-catcher

In order to attract attention, two very eye-catching additions were chosen in the look & feel of the products. The large pack-shots in turn ensured that the consumer could see from afar what type of product was in the cooler.

Depending on the product that needed to be promoted, the decoration was changed.

A large output range with a small number of coolers

It was important for Imperial to temporarily deploy our cooler in as many shops as possible, within the set budget. We therefore opted for a long-term rental period of 10 weeks with a limited number of ESCAPE Coolers.

The long rental period gave the Imperial sales team time to change the location of the ESCAPE Cooler on a regular basis. When the activation in one shop ended, the representative could easily disassemble the cooler and transport it in his car to the next shop. There, thanks to the magnetic system, it took less than 10 minutes to rebuild the cooler and make it ready for use.

Imperial was able to reach a large proportion of their customers with a small number of coolers.

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