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How Danio successfully introduced two new flavours

Danone Netherlands launched two new flavours for their Danio brand in early 2020. To make this launch a success they called on the ESCAPE Coolers of CoolActivators. 
The “Vote Your Flavour” campaign

Everything started in 2019 with a big “Vote Your Flavour” campaign via instagram. Danio asked the Dutch consumers which two typical Dutch flavours they would like to see represented on the refrigerated shelf.

Danone would in turn release a limited edition Danio quark with the two highest scoring flavours.

More than 500,000 consumers cast their vote. The two clear winners were: Tompouce and Speculaas.

Danio Tompouce en speculaas
The winners of the Vote your flavour campaign
The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Because the introduction of these flavours was mainly aimed at millennials, the initial focus was on social media and bannering.

In order to guarantee maximum conversion at the point of sale, a striking cooled secondary placement was also sought. This had to convince the doubting consumer at the last point of contact.

For this they appealed to our ESCAPE Cooler. Which they deployed in 100 stores for four weeks.

Danio danone Gekoelde display
ESCAPE Cooler with Dano Branding
A pink invasion at Dutch supermarkets

With the ESCAPE Cooler, Danone’s merchandising team had an easy and flexible solution to get to the point of sale.

Combined with the striking pink branding for the Tompouce flavour, it was impossible for Dutch consumers to ignore Danio’s presence during their shopping session.

Danio danone Gekoelde display
The pink branding stands out from a far
Two campaigns for the price of one?

In order to optimise the investment for Danio, it was decided to hold a campaign for Activia at the same locations afterwards.

This allowed the ESCAPE Coolers to remain on site and only the cardboard branding was replaced.

This allowed Danone to spread the cost of renting the coolers, as well as installing them, over the budgets of both brands.

Activia danone Gekoelde display
The Activia follow-up campaign

Activia danone Gekoelde display

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