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A chilled display for all FrieslandCampina brands

Campina, Optimel, Landliebe, Vifit, Mona, Fristi,... the list goes on and on. Everyone knows at least one of the dozens of FrieslandCampina brands. With this multitude of brands, FrieslandCampina is omnipresent in the Dutch refrigeration aisle. They have also been investing heavily in cooling in secondary placement for years. In order to replace these different types of refrigeration, they were looking for an inexpensive solution that they could use flexibly for all their brands. The choice for our ESCAPE Coolers was quickly made.

A fixed place at the point of sale

FrieslandCampina’s strategy was simple, but effective. The ESCAPE Coolers remain permanently on the shop floor. Every 4 weeks, the sales representative, on his fixed round, changes the communication sleeve and loads new products.

In this way, the sales team can put a new product in the spotlight every time with minimal effort.

Clear marketing support

What makes this approach extra successful is the strong support of the marketing team. Because the chilled displays remain in place throughout the year, it was easier for them to create a marketing calendar in advance around the many FrieslandCampina products and devise possible promotion campaigns.

Always a working cooler at the point of sale

FrieslandCampina also outsourced the after sales section to CoolActivators. Thanks to our after sales contract, FrieslandCampina’s sales team is sure that there will never be a cooling defect at the point of sale for more than 24 hours, so the planning will never be compromised.

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